6-Week-Old Most responsible Kitten Found Caring For Three Other Newborns

The only duties any cat should be concerned with are playing, sleeping and eating. But sometimes cats have to fight for their lives if they were born in bad conditions just like this six-week-old black cat, Binx. The kitten, who has great blue eyes, was found taking care for 3 newborn kittens in the streets of Kansas City, Missouri.

KC Pet Project, a local animal rescue group, that received a call from the person who found the kittens, has said that Binx’s story is like babies taking care of babies. The person even waited and looked around to see if a mama cat showed up, but she did not!

So, the person took them all to the shelter. Thankfully, all the kittens are doing great in the shelter, according to Tori Fugate, the spokesperson of KC Pet Project. The spokesperson also added that Binx did his best to take care of the other newborn kittens, who were named Ziggy, Frankie, and Ollie. She also added that the kittens are now in a foster home waiting for a forever home. What great effort by Binx, who was able to keep the newborn kittens alive till the help arrived.

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