Adorable Whale Returns Back Mobile Phone Woman By Mistake Dropped Into The Sea

A beluga whale appeared around the Hammerfest, Norway open water fitted with a harness. It seemed that the whale had been trained by navy services, but was able to leave them by getting freed from the harness.

However, it seemed that the harness was still nearby the whale. Anyway, Ina Mansika was hanging out with her friends on the sea when a great thing happened! After being greeted by the whale, Mansika’s phone fell in the water as she forgot her jacket pocket open.

It was a big disappointment for Mansika as she thought that her phone would be gone for good. But the whale had another opinion as it dove back down to save the day. It got the phone in its mouth and came back to give it to Mansika! Despite being damaged from the water, the phone could be operable with time. Mansika was super happy and grateful to the whale! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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