Baby Elephant Has Been Seen In The Wild With No Trunk

A baby elephant lost its trunk, which left it likely to die as elephants use their trunks to eat and drink!

The elephant, who is relying on the adults to eat and drink, does not have great chances to survive. The elephant, that was seen in Kruger National Park in South Africa, seemed defenseless.

The person, who filmed the little calf, said in the video that it does not look good, and it may not make it!

He also shared the clip online and wrote that it seemed that the baby elephant’s trunk was grabbed by a crocodile while drinking water! Unfortunately, elephants that lose their trunks do not usually make it as it is a very important part.

Using its trunk to smell, drink water, and feed, means that losing it made his future so bleak!

Up to fifty gallons of water is what an adult elephant can drink every day, according to the US National Elephant Centre.

This means that this baby elephant is expected not to survive as adult elephants will not be able to feed it with this amount of water when it is an adult. Watch the video below.

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