Baby Elephant Is Welcomed With Big Hugs By New Friend When Arriving To Sanctuary

A Thai rehabilitation and rescue facility called Elephant Nature Park helps elephants in need and provide a natural environment to them. Last year, they rescued a mama elephant and her baby, Chaba, from a tourist attraction.

Despite being in good hands, Chaba was somehow shy and hesitant about the other elephants. But everything changed when a young elephant called Pyi Mai arrived to the shelter after being rescued along with her mama from tourism. Pyi Mai started approaching Chaba to comfort her by wrapping her trunk around her own.

It was very obvious that they would be best friends, according to Ry Emmerson, park projects director. Chaba started getting out of his shell after having Pyi Mai as a friend and she started acting normally.

The two elephants are doing almost everything together like eating food, playing in the mud, or water. Everyone at the Elephant Nature Park is sure that they will stay friends together as their bond is growing very fast. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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