Baby Elephants Likes To Cuddle Every Tourist Thinking They Are Lap Dogs

Rescued elephants in one particular Thailandi sanctuary thank their rescuers by giving them love. Actually, elephants are so special for their great behaviors, and their cute ears and huge size.

This one elephant has been thanking people since he was rescued from abusive situations. But this time, he decided to show his gratitude to one tourist and sought to hug him!

Elephants are really friendly towards people and they are really good in showing their affection and love to them. They generally hold each other’s tails and hug each other. However, they also do that kind people. And that’s what this elephant did to one tourist.

The whole incident, that took place in a sanctuary in Thailand, was recorded on video. It shows how great elephants can be towards people. We are very lucky that this incident was recorded. Watch the video below.

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