Cat With Grumpy Face Gets Constantly Ignored At The Shelter Due To Its Look

Unfortunately, some shelter animals are getting passed by for many reasons such as being old, have a bad reputation and their look. Actually, none of these reasons are concerned enough to leave innocent animals in shelters. One of these animals called Bean, a kitten, who was passed by tens of times for being grumpy and ugly.

The shelter shared the cat’s story online telling people that she had been there for more than one year. Fortunately, Francisca Franken, a kind woman saw Bean’s photos and found her very cute. So, she directly knew that she had to do something to help her. Bean was found in a trailer park with a beginning blockage, struvite stones, and a horrible eye infection.

She was not marked, chipped, or neutered. After seeing her photos Francesca knew that Bean was meant to be hers, so, she called the shelter to see if Bean was still available for adoption and they told her that she was. So, the other day, she went to the shelter and was very happy to see Bean, the cute British Shorthair.

Francesca said that she did not know how many people were not able to see the beauty of Bean, but she was happy that the fate wanted her to be Bean’s mama. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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