Dog Fighting Cancer With Three Legs, Jumps In River And Saves Baby Otter

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota shared a post on Facebook about a 3-legged Goldendoodle called Gus who saved a young otter from being drown in the St. Croix River. The brave dog, whose back right leg was amputated after the X-rays found tumors in it, was able to swim to get the otter out of the water.

The brave dog, who is fighting cancer, was able to swim more than fifty feet to get the baby otter out of the water, according to Cleo Young, Gus’ owner, and her 2 grandchildren.

Thankfully, the otter was fine and it was sent to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center by Young. Thanks to the dog and his owners who saved the baby otter’s life. Watch the video below.

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