Drowning Bear Cub Clings To Boat, The Fishermen Rescued Him Risking It Could Bite Them

2 strange figures were noticed in the middle of the sea by 2 fishermen, who were out on a routine fishing trip. After taking a closer look, they realized that they were bear cubs fighting to swim to stay alive! So, they knew that had to do something.

However, they also knew that they may put themselves in serious danger as mama bears are very protective of their cubs! Anyway, they decided to help the cubs and look for their mama in the sea, but they did not find her! Furthermore, they then noticed a huge bear watching the baby bear on the shoreline.

After seeing the mama, they became more afraid that they may get struck when they gave the cubs to their mama. Anyway, they decided to risk it all and drove their boat close to the cubs to save them.

Despite being very scared to be struck, they were able to save the 2 cubs, and take them to their mama to reunite with her! What a happy ending for these cubs! Watch the video below.

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