Family Dog Attacked While Being Out In The Garage, But A Cat Saves The Day

A dog owner called Michaella Franklin was cleaning around the home in the garage when she saw a huge dog approaching!

The huge dog directly attacked the woman’s small dog, Bailey, when it saw her! The owner tried her best to separate the 2 dogs, but to no avail! Thankfully, the family cat, Mocha, appeared out of nowhere to save the day!

The brave cat was able to help Bailey get away by distracting the huge dog! Thankfully, Bailey was rushed to the hospital, where he received the antibiotics and medicines she needed as she had many deep bites! However, the bill was $2,000, but the most important thing was that Bailey would make a full recovery at home with her family! Anyway, the huge dog’s owner has been cited by Nampa Animal Control. Watch the video below.

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