Hairless Guinea Pigs Called The ‘Skinny Pigs’ Are Like Getting A Mini Hippo As A Pet

Cute photos of very adorable guinea pigs went viral as they have no hair! Were these animals shaved?! That’s what some people thought at first as guinea pigs have fur, but there is a breed called Skinny Pigs that comes under guinea pigs.

These pigs do not have hair in general, but there are some parts of their body like legs, feet, and muzzles that have hair. They look like tiny hippos, that’s what some people said after seeing them. Actually, having no hair makes these animals so cute.

This breed was created in 1978 by some scientists after crossbreeding a haired guinea pid and a hairless lab strain. They are very popular in North America and Europe, and people consider them as pets as they are completely friendly with humans. Watch the video below.

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