Hawk Snatches And Drags Tiny Dog. The Owner Intervenes But The Bird Was Way Strong

Cecilia Celis let her 2 dogs, Heidi and Lulu, play in the backyard one morning as usual without expecting that something bad could happen. There was a hawk with red tail waiting for a chance to get a prey! The huge bird directly swooped in to grab one of the dogs by his claw once they were in the backyard.

The hawk started chocking Lulu, while her sister, Heidi, did not know what to do but barking at the hawk to let it leave her sister! Hearing the barks of the Yorkies, Cecilia noticed the danger and ran out screaming very loud to let the hawk releases Lulu, but to no avail.

Cecilia then used a flimsy sofa cushion to attack the bird by hitting him! It was a soft attack, but it worked! However, despite a wound on her neck, Lulu is generally fine. How brave the owner is! Watch the video below.

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