Injured Baby Fox Adopted By Lioness, And Being Saved From Being Eaten By Hungry Lion

Nature keeps surprising us with new strange relationships between wild animals every day, and this story is no exception. Graham Dyer, a wildlife photographer, was able to take some strange photos of a pride of lions in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana.

The lions were hunting, and out of nowhere they came across an injured fox cub! The lions and their cubs were about to bother him, but one lioness decided to be the fox cub’s mama, and ordered the other lions not to bother him!

However, some of the lions did not like the decision, and one of them tried to attack the fox cub as he is an easy prey! But the mamma lioness did not move an inch and was ready to fight with the lion!

Thankfully, the fox cub was in good hands, and he started feeling better after a while. He then said goodbye to the lioness as he was able to stand up by himself! The Mother Nature! Watch the video below.

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