Man Captures His Chicken Caring For 3 Orphaned Kittens In A Viral Video

A Kurdish soldier and farmer was in fear of his chickens after hearing weird sounds coming from their coop. So, Goran A Surchi directly went to find out and he knew that it was meowing!

He was not able to know the source of the sound, but the sound was very close! He then found 3 cute kittens under one of the chickens! It was obvious that the kittens had found a heaven with the chicken after losing their mama. They were given warmth and love by the great chicken!

The farmer said that he found the kittens’ mamma dead in a lake near the farm! He also added that seeing that the chicken took the kittens under its care surprised him greatly!

The man shared a video of what he found on TikTok, and it directly went viral gaining over 300 thousand views in a short time. Furthermore, many people commented that they are surprised by what they saw saying that chickens are great! How heartwarming! Watch the video below.

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