Man Nursed Dying Crocodile Back To Health, And They Become Best Friends

A 52-year-old man from Costa Rica called Chiro is known as the ‘Crocodile Man’ after becoming a friend with a giant crocodile called Pocho after rescued him from death!

Chito said that Pocho does not consider as a danger for him, as he knows him completely! He also added that Pocho looks him in the eye, so, he knows him and doesn’t attack him! But that does not that the crocodile is not dangerous for anyone else.

It all started on the shore of the Parismina River, in the Caribbean province of Limsn before 20 years when Pocho was rescued from the jaw of death after being shot in the left eye by a cattle farmer, who was protecting his cows! Chito said that the crocodile, who is now 980 pounds, was just 150 pounds when he was rescued, so, he fed him fish and chickens, and medicated him for about six months until he was completely recovered!

Chito, who now plays with Pocho, had to sleep with the beast at night during the recovery process. Chito said that he is glad the he saved Pocho, who is obviously happy with him! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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