Man Risked Jail Time To Save A Dying Bear Cub He Found While Hiking

Corey Hancock, a photographer, came across a baby bear in Oregon while out hiking a scenic trail. The photographer realized that the 3-month-old bear was on the edge of death as he was almost not moving.

It was obvious that his mama has abandoned him, so, Hancock knew he had to help.

So, he took the baby bear, who was struggling to breathe, to Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center, where he was given the medications and care he needed. Thankfully, the bear is expected to be fine.

However, it has been said that saving the bear by Hancock was not acceptable by many animal experts. And he should be spent some time in jail that reaches up to one year, or be fines with $6,000, according to regulations of the Oregon Division of Fish and Wildlife.

But he’ll not be penalized for that, according to Oregon State Police. What do you think?! Watch the video below.

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