Man Sentenced Two Years In Prison After He Killed His Cat By Throwing It From Sixth Floor

A 31-year-old man called Gabriel Saborío was sentenced to 2 years by a court in Costa Rica for killing Ochi, his pet cat, by throwing him from his apartment that was in the 6th floor (30m) in 2019!

2 years in jail is the maximum that the Animal Welfare Law allowed. However, the man was given the benefit of the sentence’s conditional execution for 5 years by Judge Tatiana López, which means that he’ll go to jail if only commits another crime during this time. The judge also prevented him from owning or living with animals.

Unfortunately, the cat died despite being provided help by the rescuers as he suffered an internal bleeding, pulmonary contusions, dislocation, and many fractures. So, due to what he did, the man was sentenced to prison for 2 years. Many people think that it was not enough, but from another perspective, he was sentenced for the maximum sentence. What do you think?!

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