Marvelous Photos For The White Lion Showing His Majesty Mane

Magnificent pictures of a lion with white hair at Glen Garriff Lion Conservation in South Africa went viral because of his great look.

The 55-year-old photographer, Simon Needham, was able to take great pictures of the lion during his wandering tour around the sanctuary. He was able to catch the lion during one of his roar in one photo!

The photographer said that it was a fantastic feeling to take these magnificent photos of the lion. He also added that he wanted to get the people’s attention to the beauty of wild animals, and he always does that to help the endangered animals stay alive by showing their beauty.

There are almost 70 lions under the care of the conservation, but this exact lion is one of the most beautiful lions as his hair is white because of a recessive gene called Leucism. What do you think?!

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