Missing Tortoise Found After 30 Years in Attic Alive And Still Well

Getting your pet missed is one of the worst things that can happen to any owner as they are family members, but what makes this bad feeling go away is finding your dog! So, when one family lost their pet after getting missing, they were completely heartbroken as they did their best to find it for many years, but to no avail.

The family lost the hope to find their pet after went missing for around 30 years! But the fate had different opinion! You may be wondering how can a pet live for 30 years all alone, but when you know that it was a tortoise, you will already know the reason why. The Rio de Janiero based family searched for their tortoise for a while, but they gave up on finding her.

But everything changed when the patriarch of the family died as the family members found her in the attic while cleaning out some of his belongings! She was well and alive in a wooden speaker box.

However, they took Manuela to a veterinary clinic for a checkup, and they were completely shocked to know that she is a male, and they renamed him Manuel! Eating termite larva was the reason why the tortoise survived.

Anyway, tortoise can live up to 3 years without eating. What a miracle!

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