Mom Hangs All Items Her Cat Did Steal On Roadside Display So That Neighbors Can Retrieve

Having a thief cat is something embarrassing as you have to apologize to your neighbor for what your cat steals from them. That’s exactly the story of Esme, Kate Felmet’s cat, who would steal her neighbors’ face masks, gloves and any other things she could left in her mouth.

The owner, who used to have rounds to apologize to her neighbors, came up with a great idea to deal with her cat.

Felmet said that her cat, Esme, used to bring bits of trash birds to home in 2019. But, during the COVID-19 lockdown, the cat started bringing face masks and other things during the day. She even got 11 face masks one day!

Realizing that it would be a hard mission to make rounds through neighborhood, Felmet decided to display what her cat has stolen on roadside for her neighbors to retrieve.

She hung the items her cat has stolen, with a big sign red that if any of these items is yours you can take it with a big bold my cat is a thief. What a great idea!

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