Mother Deer Rushes Towards The Sound Of Cries Of Newborn Human Baby

We all know that animals are naturally friendly and cute. They have feelings just us. So, when a cute deer heard a baby weeping, it came running out of the forest for help! The mama, Hannah Burton who was trying to comfort her newborn son, was able to catch the great moment on a video and shared it on TikTok.

Charlie, the baby, was put in the middle of the balcony of her house in New Lexington, Ohio, on a blanket to rest. The mama was also trying to calm the baby down who was weeping, but surprised with a friendly deer running towards Charlie to calm him down!

Hannah tried to tell the deer that everything was alright telling her “No, no, no! This’s my baby!” Luckily for us, the video was uploaded on TikTok to let us see the cuteness of the deer. It has been viewed more than 27,000,000 times since it was uploaded. How cute! Watch the video below

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