Mum, 20, Gives Birth Suddenly At Home Hours After Doctors Said She Was Only 6 Weeks Pregnant

The mum was told by doctors she was most likely six to eight weeks pregnant and sent home with the reassurance that there was nothing wrong with her pregnancy.

But the next morning, Erin suffered excruciating pain and immediately called 999.

An ambulance raced to her house to check on the young mum.

Erin, 20, gave birth hours after doctors told her she was just six weeks pregnant

They took 15 minutes to arrive.

Erin told : “Within five minutes of them being here I had to rush to the toilet as I felt I needed to go ASAP – I thought I was constipated!”

After crying out to her partner, Karl, Erin made it halfway down the stairs before putting “my hand down and all I could feel was a baby’s head”.

Piper Summersgill was born at home on August 10

Her daughter Piper Summersgill was born at home on August 10.

She weighed six pounds and seven ounces.

Erin was rushed to hospital following the birth due to the amount of blood she had lost in labour and was given a transfusion.

Just 15 months before, she had given birth to her son Karson on the same ward.

Erin’s daughter weighed six pounds and seven ounces

Erin admits she had “no idea” she was pregnant – and had even had Covid and received her first jab while expecting her daughter.

She recalled: “I had no bump, no pregnancy symptoms and I still had my regular periods.”

Erin had given birth to her son Karson Summersgill in the same ward just 15 months before

Although Erin had received a number of blood and urine tests on August 9 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, she claims she was refused a scan, which would have confirmed how long she had been pregnant.

Erin’s partner Karl was present when Piper was born

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