Mum Gives Birth To Giant Baby Weighing Over 11lbs Despite Starting Early Menopause

A mum who believed she couldn’t have any more children has just welcomed a gigantic baby girl to the world, with the newborn tipping the scales at an extraordinary 11.1.lbs (5kg). Luciana Brandt, 41, had been told by doctors that she’d begun menopause early and that she didn’t have enough eggs left to have another baby.

Newborn Maria’s size and weight is considered to be highly unusual

Already a mother of five by the time of her surprise pregnancy, Luciana, was happy to welcome her sixth child, a daughter named Maria Vitória Brandt, at 40 weeks by cesarean sector. The little girl measured 51 cm in length and is considered to be an unusually large baby.

Mum-of-six Luciana, who lives with her husband in the municipality of Caçador, Santa Catarina State, Brazil, gave birth at 3.48 pm on January 10, and was discharged from the hospital two days later on January 12.

Luciana believed she couldn’t have more children

Speaking with local media, Luciana said: “She was long-awaited and planned, as I am already 41 years old. My doctor said I no longer had enough eggs to be able to fall pregnant again due to early menopause.

“Knowing I had little chance of getting pregnant again, I kept faith and God wanted it too. I am very happy about her arrival, but I never imagined she would weigh over five kilogrammes!”

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