Owl Mother Who Lost Her Own Babies, Adopts Other Orphaned Owl Chicks

A tawny owl called Luna has always been waiting to be a mama, but every time she had eggs, it did not end in a good way all the times. One time, the eggs did not hatch, and another time, she lost them! But now she has adopted orphaned chicks.

2 rescued chicks were found by the man who has been taking care of her, Robert E. Fuller, and he took them to Luna as they did not have a mama. Robert came up with a great idea to let Luna accept them by placing them in her chicks while she was away.

He then placed a camera to take the moment of her return! Luna has fallen in love with the chicks the moment she saw them! She directly took them under her wings to give them the warmth they needed! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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