Pregnant Woman Shares ‘Hilarious’ Comments She Gets About ‘Very Big’ Bump

One northern California mom has been getting a lot of attention for her super-big bump.

Brooke Luney, who’s pregnant with her sixth child, says she’s always “carried very big.”

“It’s extra noticeable because I’m 4-foot-11 and I have a short torso,” Luney, 32, said

“Strangers will stop me in a store wanting to know if I’m expecting triplets,” she said.

Nope, just one baby — and perfectly healthy, Luney wants people to know.

She has been asked if she has gestational diabetes, a condition which can cause babies to grow too large if left untreated. She does not. Luney added that she doesn’t have an excess of amniotic fluid, either.

“I’ve had a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy,” Luney said, adding that at her 35-week scan, her unborn baby boy was measuring on track at six pounds, four ounces.

The soon-to-be mom of six — Luney’s due date was March 2 — gets plenty of comments on social media, where she’s been documenting her pregnancy.

“Someone told me my belly is so big my baby is living in a loft and already has WiFi,” Luney captioned one TikTok video.

It’s important to note that there’s no one-size-fits-all pregnancy.

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