Rare Baby Donkeys Twins Born On Oklahoma Farm, What A Huge Blessing

On August 25, a female donkey called Belle gave birth to female and male twins in a very rare thing!

Saundra Traywick, Belle’s owner, named the 2 foals Betsy and Trampas after The Virginian’s characters. Traywick, who’s been helping the mama donkey nurse her twins, said that it is very important to keep monitoring the twins’ health as their chances to survive into adulthood are so low because this case is so rare in donkeys.

Both foals seem to be doing great and nursing. However, the male is bigger and stronger than the female, according to Saundra.

Anyway, this is not the first experience of donkey twins on this farm, as before around 5 years, other donkey twins were born to the same owner, and they’re still doing great.

Saundra has Dulce de Donkey, a business that sells skin care and donkey milk products.

She also added that she donates her donkey milk product to Hee Haw for Health, a nonprofit organization, for kids with health problems as this milk has health benefits. Watch the video below.

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