Rare White Lioness Gives Birth To Quadruplets Cubs, And They Are Ready To Meet Public

4 rare white lion cubs were born in the Nantong Forest Safari Park in Eastern China more than a month ago. The keepers at the zoo took photos of the lion cubs and uploaded them online to let us see the beauty of this rare breed.

The quadruplets are ready to be introduced to tourists very soon, according to Chinese media. Global White Lion Protection Trust reported that the male quadruplets are among hundreds of white lions with just 13 of them in the wild.

The white lions, that are native to South Africa, are among the rarest animal species in the world. They are growing in a fast way with a good health.

However, one white male lion cub and 3 females were also born before a year! We hope that this species does not come to an end as they are very cute. Watch the video below.

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