Rescued Baby Beaver Hilariously Builds Dam At Doorstep To Keep Her Roommate Out

Volunteers form Newhouse Wildlife Rescue, Massachusetts, saved an orphaned beaver called Nibi earlier this year. The animal was able to know what a beaver means under the care of the rescue group.

The beaver was the only one the rescue group was taking care of, which means that she had all the attention. Recently, Ziibi, another orphaned beaver, was rescued by Newhouse Wildlife Rescue. It was a great chance for Nibi to have a companion, who would help her in creating a friendship.

But Nibi was not have it, as at first, she did not want that, despite the truth that Ziibi is very eager to be her friend. However, the rescuers have not given up to let the animals create a bond as it was the best for them. Anyway, it was really hard to create the bond, but Nibi was in general gentle towards Ziibi, so she was allowed to have an hour in the rehab room all alone while her companion enjoyed the semi aquatic enclosure.

What happened then was unexpected as Nibi built a dam to prevent Ziibi from coming back inside! Newhouse Wildlife Rescue updated that the 2 animals can now live in the same room without fighting, which is a sign of progress. They hope that one day Ziibi and Nibi would be able to become friends.

They also added that the beavers will be released back into the wild once they are ready, but in hopes that they go to the wild as friends. Watch the video below.

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