Scientists Find 5-Million-Year-Old Woolly Mammoth, And Know How To Bring It Back To Life

One of the critical things that help in preserving harmony within the ecosystem of the earth is animal species.

But unfortunately, many animal species came to an end before millions of years due to the evaluation and the ample population of humans. And one of these animal species is woolly Mammoth. The extinction of the woolly Mammoth was not only due to humans as there were many other factors like rainfall, which was the main reason of the extinction of the woolly Mammoth.

The woolly Mammoth species had actually circled Earth twice as they had wandered very much around it. But, denying their existence, the earth just did not want them anymore and their extinction were about more than four thousand years ago.

However, they have affected the ecosystem of the world negatively after their extinction because they had roamed the earth for 5,000,000 years. Recently, a woolly Mammoth is being brought back to life by the Professors of the Harvard Medical School. One Professor called George Church said that they have been exploring the idea of bringing the old species back to life by the extinction them with their genes from their involved species.

The most involved species of the woolly Mammoth are elephants, who are already endangered. But does it work? Actually, since has no limits it could work sooner or later but it surely needs a lot of money and studies.

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