Security Camera Records Raccoon’s Adorable Reaction While Seeing Falling Snow

One evening, Timothy Ellis noticed a very adorable moment on a security camera of his home in Washington while doing his work on his computer.

At first, the guy was somehow afraid as it was in his yard, but after focusing in the camera, he knew that it was a raccoon! Raccoons are fairly common in Ellis’ area, but what was different this time was that the raccoon was doing an adorable thing.

It was snowing outside, so, the raccoon was trying to chase snowflakes. So, Ellis directly knew that he had to catch this adorable moment on video as many people would like seeing it.

Ellis just stopped his work to enjoy the beauty of the nature he was watching, and raccoon was just enjoying the it too. Ellis said that seeing animals is something he used to, but this moment was more than adorable for him! Watch the video below.

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