Senior Retired Racehorse And A 58-Year-Old Man Give Each Other A Reason To Live

It is known dogs are the best companions for humans, but there are also some animals who can be great companions. In this story, a 58-year-old man called Donnie MacAdam takes Waco Hanover, his 40-year-old horse, as a best friend. The horse, who used to be a popular racing purebred, is now retired.

Donnie, who works in Vermont in a state information center, just wants to spend time with Waco despite dealing with a lot of people. He’s totally devoted to his horse for the last eight years. Waco even helped Donnie by taking care of him during his heart attack pandemic.

The horse, who became 40 in 2007, has been completely loyal to his owner. Unfortunately, when the horse turned 42, in 2009, he passed away. However, Waco was paid a great tribute by Donnie, who called him best friend, therapist. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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