Sisters Who Fell Pregnant At The Same Time And Were Given Due Dates Just Six Days Apart But They Give Birth Only Within 13 Minutes Of Each Other

Jo-Anne Hurt, 22, and Rebecca Hurt, 25, from Sheffield, both found out they were expecting on December 10 last year, but despite their due dates being six days apart, their babies arrived within minutes of each other.

The proud sisters both had girls, Isabelle and Phoebe, and they had them on the same ward, allowing their mother Pauline, 52, to go between rooms and cut both cords.

Jo-Anne said: ‘I still can’t believe we found out we were pregnant this time last year, and that we both gave birth on the same day – what are the chances?

‘I had a text from Rebecca last Christmas asking to meet me, when I got there she asked if I could keep a secret, before telling me she was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it.

‘I asked if she could keep one too, and told her I was expecting as well.

‘It didn’t take us long to work out our due dates – they were just six days apart – but I guess our girls wanted to make an extra-special entrance on the same day.

After telling their parents the big news last December, the pair decided to wait until Christmas Day to surprise the rest of the family.

‘It was so nice going through all the aches and pains of a pregnancy and having my sister there to hold my hand while she was going through the same.

‘In March we both had our 20-week scans and the sonographer told us both we were having girls, it seemed like even more of a coincidence.

Jo-Anne and her partner Lewis Hague, 23, already have a little boy, Oliver, 18 months, while Rebecca has a little girl, Charlie, five, who she’s bringing up with her partner Angelo Dearman, 21.

On August 17 both sisters went into labour and at 9.03pm Rebecca gave birth to Phoebe, weighing 5lb 15oz. By 9.16pm Jo-Anne had given birth to Isabelle, who weighed 6lb 13oz.

Jo-Anne said: ‘I was five days passed my due date when Rebecca went into labour.

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