Stray Cat Caught In The Middle Of The Most Hilarious Crime While Stealing A Tiddy Bear

Connor Cutts and his companion were in the island nation of Cyprus, and came across a funny crime spree while enjoying there. A cat was seen checking what it stole from a stuffed toy store!

But what surprised Cutts the most was that the cat left the monkey dolls and crossed the road! The cat went to the store that sells the stuffed toys to get more!

The owner of the store, Ioannis Anthimou, said that he knows what about the incident, but it is ok. The most important thing is that the cat enjoys playing with the monkeys, no matter if the store lost some of them. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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@chezcone Just wanted a pal… #cat #cyprus ♬ original sound – Connor Cutts

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