The Cute Twins Are So Much Fun To Capture Double The Sweetness

As cute as it is to photograph twins together, they are also unique individuals with their own features and personalities. Coordinating outfits, sometimes it is fun to give each baby his or her own theme, style, or colors, too that way they have distinct newborn photos that are all their own.
Let’s see how cute the twins will be when mom mixes their clothes !

Meet Leia and Lauren: two eight-month-old twins from Singapore who have been taking Instagram by storm with their cute outfits and adorable smiles.
Behind the photos are parents Peter and Amber Yongaa
They twins are known as the ‘Momo twins.’
They have already amassed 220,000 followers on the photo-sharing app
The adorable outfits include mermaid costumes, cup-of-noodles costumes and cute onesies with funny slogans
Leia and Lauren wearing colorful stripes.


Leia and Lauren in matching suits
And matching pug onesies


Accessories are important.
As is background color coordination.


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