These Stunning Photo Birth Baby At Home – The Mums Are Great

A home birth means fewer beeping monitors, minimal people present, and a serene location of your choice. Even if you’ve never once thought that a home birth could be right for you, there’s no question: home births are pretty rad.

“There’s no place like home” may have all new meaning after you see these stunning birth photos of moms bringing their babies into the world in their homes.

Check out that final push before meeting baby!


This mom’s birth photographer snapped a jaw-dropping photo as she labored in the bathroom.
Who wouldn’t want to give birth in this serene setting?
This laboring mom got all kinds of support from her partner.
This mom was comfortable in her own element, breathing through contractions in the bathroom.


This laboring mama practiced deep breathing in between contractions.
While in labor, this mom got a sweet visit from her older child.
The look of relief on this mom’s face says it all.


This holiday birth looks like it had all the joy you’d expect from the season.
We love this dad’s look of awe as he lifted his baby.
There’s nothing like seeing your brand-new baby for the first time.
This colorful kiddie pool surely lightened this mama’s mood.


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