Tourists Encounter Face-To-Face With Wild Cheetah As He Jumps Into Safari Vehicle

An Irish man called Mickey McCaldin went on a safari trip to Kenya’s Masai Mara reserve to take a closer look at the wild animals. However, when he was so close to cheetahs, he stopped the vehicle to see how majestic they are.

Out of nowhere, a few cheetahs climbed on McCaldin’s car and one of them jumped into its backseat! McCaldin did not fear of them and started playing with them! Actually, the adult cheetah wanted to be comforted!

Luckily for us, the incident was capturd by a friend of McCaldin called David Horsey who was sitting in the same vehicle. You can see in the video below that some other people from other vehicles could not believe their eyes!

Actually, if you do not run, cheetahs do not prey on or harm you. So, you can get so close to them with being afraid. How majestic they are! Watch the video below.

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