Unlikely Friendship Between A Duck And A Dog Amazed Locals In Small Town

Friendship has no limits, and it applies on almost everything as you can find creatures become friends despite being from different species, and this story is a perfect example.

When a dog called Max was 5 years old, he was adopted by Kirsten and Patrick Riley of Strout, Minnesota.

Max directly became a friend of another Husky of the family called Sash. But unfortunately, nothing lasts forever as Sasha died after a short time, which left Max all alone.

However, another creature was ready to fill the gap and it was a duck! Quackers, the duck, was then adopted by the couple, and he became a friend of Max directly.

The 2 creatures spend all the time together, and they do almost everything together such as going for walks, drinking, eating, and even sleeping! The created a great bond that surprises everyone that sees them!

They are well known in Strout that is only 25-residents big. Alisa Godejahn, a neighbor, said that she likes seeing Max and Quackers walking together as it makes her very happy. How great!

Watch the video below.

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