Watermelons Crushed In Accident Near Wildlife Sanctuary Donated To Feed Animals

Dozens of busted watermelons were donated by Yak’s Produce to Leslie Green, wildlife rehab specialist, and the forty two animals living in her rescue in Louisiana

In Farmerville, Louisiana, when the Louisiana Watermelon Festival was in full swing in late July, a produce truck had an accident that left more than one hundred cantaloupes and watermelons it carried scattered on the road!

Seeing that the melons would go waste after being crushed during the accident, Leslie Greene decided to do something better with them.

After checking on everyone and finding out that they were all ok, she asked Yak’s Produce’s owner to have the watermelons for the wildlife rehab. The owner directly answered that it is better than being discarded!

So, all the fruits were taken to the River Bandit Rescue, Greene’s property, which currently has forty two animals including goats, opossums, skunks, raccoons, beavers, and more.

The scenes were more than great, and Greene took some photos and videos and shared them on TikTok. Many people were fascinated by the scenes!

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