Wild baby bison born in UK for the first time in thousands of years

A baby wild bison was born in the Great Britain for the first time in thousands of years. Kent Wildlife Trust and Wildwood Trust released 3 female bison in July in Kent in trying to get a new baby as another male bison arrived in August as part of a pioneering rewilding project.

However, bison hide their newborn babies to keep them protected from predators, but a baby bison was found hidden in an isolated spot by some rangers. It was expected that a breed would be available by the project’s course, but when the rangers found the calf, they were happily surprised!

Tom Gibbs, one ranger, said that when 2 female bison disappeared, they knew that something would happen. And when they discovered the baby bison, they were very happy! It was very great moment as it happened for the 1st time in England. How great! Watch the video below.

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