Woman Adopted A Kitten in 1988, Never Expected To Reach His 30th Birthday Party

This story speaks about one of the oldest cats in the world, Rubble, who celebrated his 30th birthday in 2018. The cat from Exeter, England, was bought as a gift for Michele Foster in her birthday, when he was a small kitten in 1988.

The woman said that she treats her cat the same way she treats her own kids! And that’s why she lived for this old age. Creme Puff is the oldest cat to have ever lived as she died at the age 38 plus 3 days, according to Guinness World Records.

Rubble’s owner expected that her cat could break the record, in an interview in 2018. But unfortunately, her beloved cat died in 2020 just before turning 32 of age! What do you think?!

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