Woman Spots Lonely Animal Hiding Behind Her Flower Pots

Kelly John spends her day time teaching people how to journal and paint about nature as she adores the outdoors. One day, she was surprised after finding a stowaway peeking out from her driveway.

She said that if someone saw her reaction, they would laugh too much! It was a baby raccoon having fun on her outdoor furniture. Despite being very amazed to see the cute raccoon, Johnson said that she could not fend for herself without her mama as she was so young.

Johnson contacted the Wildlife Rescue Coalition of Northeast Florida for help. Johnson was given advice by one of the founders called Barbara while waiting for the assistance to arrive.

Luckily, the raccoon was taken by the rescuers, who took her to the organization. She is now doing great there until she is big enough to go to the wild after some weeks. Thanks Johnson who did not fear the raccoon away and got the help for her. Watch the video below.

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