Woman Steps Into Her Bedroom And Finds Stranger Guest On Her Bed

Holly Edwards was preparing to start her workday in England, when something unexpected happened! Holly said that her roommate started shouting out of fear while she was getting her lunch ready in the kitchen!

Edwards’ roommate had forgotten the back door of the garden open, which allowed a wild animal to get inside their home! The fox directly made himself home as he was very happy to find a shelter to keep him warm from the rain and cold.

The fox was found snuggling in Edwards’ bed, which left her in awe! However, Edwards, who is very scared of foxes, said that this fox was super cute! She also added that no matter how cute he is, it is still a wild animal, so, she and her roommate came up with a great idea by making noises to let the fox get out of the home. Luckily, it worked!

Finally, Edwards said that despite how scary the experience was, but it was a lesson to them to keep the back door closed.

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