Woman Travels With Her 9 Pets, And The Airlines Send Her A Statement In The Mid-Flight

These are just some of the excuses that many pet shelters have to hear every time someone tries to get rid of their pets without really having compelling reasons. But for true animal lovers, pets are another member of the family.

We cannot deny that the reality is different for everyone and that many times not everyone has the financial resources to pay for travel expenses. However, there are people who go to great lengths to take their furry companions anywhere in the world. And that’s a really admirable gesture.

This is the case of Ana Claudia, a young woman who made the decision to move to another country in search of better opportunities, leaving her country, Peru, behind to go to Spain.

Full of hope, she packed her bags saying goodbye not only to her family, but to a lifetime full of memories. But what she couldn’t leave behind was her beautiful furry family of 7 cats and 2 dogs.

The young woman did not see obstacles, she looked for solutions to be able to take all the furry ones. Although for some it is easier to give their pets up for adoption or leave them with a family member or friend, Ana Claudia simply cannot live without her furry so she decided to take them with her.

The story was reviewed by the Four-legged Life Shelter through its Facebook account, highlighting the great effort Ana made to keep her furry family together. Ana traveled with the airline Air Europa, who provided all the comfort to her furry children.

Of course, Ana called attention at the airport, after all it is not common for someone to decide to take all their pets in a single trip, but for Ana the important thing was to start from scratch but with them.

Each of the fuzzies traveled in their special boxes and bags, so they were completely safe on the plane. Although it was not easy for Ana to organize and carry her furry animals, she managed to travel and land without any inconvenience. This is what true love means.

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